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05 June 2010 @ 04:34 pm
It's frightening when you're searching for colleges to transfer to and you stumble across their urban dictionary entries:

St. Mary's College of Maryland: (Will be transferring FROM)
A sorry excuse for a college filled with the biggest collection of unambitious, bottom-feeding, filthy, ugly, slacker, loser, scumbag dregs of the earth to be found anywhere on this planet. One is either a 60's retread, a redneck hick, or of a lower middle class background of which you're the first to attend college. Faculty consists of third-rate teachers with degrees from third-rate (at best) institutions who couldn't find a job anywhere else. A certificate from an auto mechanic trade school would do more to make you a contributing and valued member of society than anything from this place.

Radford University
A "University" in Radford, VA. The school that used to be famous for it's parties, but now is just a place you visit to get a hand job. On the application where it says to list your eduction most students write "Hooked on Fonics." It is the school where rich kids go when they couldnt get into any other school in virginia because they were too busy slipping girls roofies. All the students who go to school here have mommys and daddys who buy them range rovers, but apparently refuse to buy them some decent clothes. With the highest STD rate you can get an ear infection just from callin one of them.

Northeastern University
1. where jews go
2. where jews go
3. An institute of higher learning where adolescents of the Jewish faith choose to pursue their education.

Maybe I should reconsider University of Maryland...

In other news, Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead.